What You Need To Know About Amazon Kindle FireReleased in October 2012, Amazon Kindle Fire is really a great device and tool which provides value for your money.

At $199, the Fire’s 7-inch screen is adequate to watch high-definition video along with read text.

Powered by the Android main system commonly used by most manufacturers, it is able to display as much as 16 million colours.

It uses the identical style in-plane switching at 169 ppi at 1024 by 600 dpi resolution.

With the right adapter, you are able to interface the Fire using a high-definition device since it secures the USB 2.0 or micro-USB connector.

With the proper adapter cable, you are able to view or update the Fire along with your PC.

The USB connector also provides for battery charger.

Upon being given the opportunity to use one recently, I jumped into online advertising and discovered that I could view streaming video via a public wifi hotspot as I was viewing videos I had wished to watch for a while.

It is impressive to show the screen a complete 90 degrees from vertical to horizontal and without missing a pixel.

Like all network-enabled Kindles, the Fire supports Wifi in public hotspots.

Or you can use it as part of a business network with the right security features.

The Fire recognizes WPA, WPA2 and WEP security and 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.n networking.

This allows the Fire to be effective at high speeds.

An impressive feature of the networking capability will be the Whispersync feature which updates your Fire without anyone’s knowledge.

Fire incorporates 8GB of memory as standard.

They reserve 2GB for operating and system functions by leaving 6 for your user.

There is plenty to store as many books as you want.

Amazon claims you are able to have around 4,000 loaded, but that can be a bit much. Several hundred might be a good figure plus it leaves room so that you can upload various images you are required to upload.

As an Android-based device, there are several approved apps that enable GPS or clock or whatever function you could possibly imagine.

There is also Amazon’s Silk browser having its speed and smooth action.

With it, you can log into your email service and look after business out of your seat on the tram, provided that there is really a public wifi hotspot nearby.

The beauty of most major cities throughout US and rest of the world is the city leaders understood the need for instant connectivity so wifi networks are growing outward constantly.

Even at home, you are able to use the Fire as well as touch-screen keypad to allow not just web browsing through silk and also use your email along with other services.

A 1GHz dual-core processor supports the speed in the Fire.

Should you decided to get one – we discovered – that it comes already pre-registered in your Amazon account so you get access to over 18 million movies, videos, magazines, books and apps.

You could also download any DOC or DOCX document or PDF file to read later.

And, your cloud drive storage, which begins at 5 GB could be expanded quickly.