Amazon Kindle - The Story Prior To Its Success

Since its debut in November 2007, the Amazon Kindle has been a great success.

Amazon has sold over 18 million Kindles already. However, Amazon’s success and large sales are not able to hold a candle to Apple’s recent success in product sales.

Since April 2010, Apple has sold about 29 million iPads. They are also estimated to sell 75% of all of the tablets marketed this year.

Even so, Amazon is hopeful of a quick comeback in sales of digital book readers. Since November 2007, Amazon has produced three new Kindles.

They have as well lowered the price of the initial entry-level Kindle to $79, making this e-reader in reach for many demographics.

Particularly those merely wishing an e-reader that is trustworthy and can get the job done.

The latest model is the Kindle fire.

It has a 7-inch colored display and uses Android (by Google) as an OS. These factors could lower not just Apple’s business, but also the business of other top competitors such as Hewlett Packard.

When the Amazon Kindle was first introduced, many believed that it would fail and fail terribly.

>Nevertheless, e-books have immediately climbed the charts in production, and in the past three years have started passing conventional, printed paper books.

Amazon is firm in the belief that continuously making improvements to a product is the key to keeping their Kindle at such a high need when it comes to e-readers.

It is true that Amazon makes not only many innovations, but as well as developments to the Kindle from the day of its release in November 2007.

Lately, Amazon made the announcement that the Kindle Touch will be accessible for $99. The Kindle Touch comes with built-in WiFi abilities, and of course, an advanced e-ink screen.

With the Touch’s e-ink screen, you could legally sign documents. Imagine the possibilities!

If the Kindle touch 3G is purchased, it comes with free 3G wireless without having to pay any fees or contracts for just $149.

Both the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Touch 3G can be pre-ordered, and they are prepared to ship on November 21st of this year.

The entry-level Kindle which is already selling for just $79, is basic in its functions such as non-touch screen but is still a sleek and practical design.

This Kindle weighs a mere six ounces!

This is a part of the special offers included while Kindle is enlarging to support Amazon Local. Amazon continues to be building all of its media services such as streaming music, movies, TV and more.

The new Kindle Fire was birthed from a plain question; “Is there a way that all of the innovative features, sleek design and affordability can be brought together in one remarkable product?”

The solution was the Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire has a 7 inches display screen and dual core processor. All of this is included in just 14.6 ounces.

For reassurance, Amazon’s cloud service backs all of the available content on the Kindle Fire. Syncing on the Kindle Fire is easy and noninvasive.

This is because Amazon believes that syncing has to be done in the background with no hassle, and wirelessly.

Their Whispersync services work the same with movies like they do with e-books.

Regarding the Kindles, it has been said that these are high quality products for prices that are not premium.