Advanced Features Of Amazon Kindle 2

Weighing under ordinary paper books, the thickness of Amazon Kindle 2 is nearly the same while using general journal. It can easily be put into the palm of your hand within the operation.

Kindle 2 pay more attention to ergonomics, considering the prolonged use of the consumer reading Kindle factors. Read in a very long time, users usually hold with one hand Kindle.

User-friendly as a way to separate the technique left along with the right hand page, Kindle are arranged in sides from the flip key.

1. Easier To Use

Kindle 2 content and improved navigation system for users convenience faster and accurately search for your need to read the content.

It also has its own built-in wireless Internet connectivity, an individual need for set-top boxes, cable broadband or computer-related reading materials for downloading activities.

2. Extend Battery Life

Compared with its predecessors, Kindle 2 battery life rose by 25%. In other words typically, it can last for a few days without charging Kindle 2.

If the person is enabled wireless connectivity features, the Kindle 2 single battery is generally about 4 days. In the event you turn off wireless connectivity, the attached life time up to 2 weeks.

In simple terms, the length of battery life will mainly rely on the amount of users from the number of wireless connections. If the network connection status is poor themselves, the energy consumption will likely increase.

Kindle 2 are able to use an ordinary power adapter for charging, made available via computer USB 2.0 interface like charging. Under normal circumstances, it can last up to 4 hours.

3. Supporting High-Speed 3G Networks

Kindle 2 may be in the U.S. mobile operator Sprint’s 3G network to operate at exactly the same time using Amazon Whispernet specialized R and D content download technology, using Whispernet technology users to download an e-book content will never be more than 1 minutes.

And Wi-Fi wireless access technologies are different, Whispernet access without user searching for hot spots.

Amazon Kindle 2 release, the Kindle also expanded the policy of wireless downloads, the download service currently has coverage coming from all 50 American states in main cities, these cities wireless users can download books, newspapers, magazines and blog.

Wireless connection costs is going to be borne by Amazon. Kindle 2 capacity of 2GB, around 1500 can store books, sufficient to fulfill it.

4. Screen Display Enhancement Technology

Kindle 2 using 6-inch display, along with the introduction of your new kind of electronic ink display technology to create the display illegible characters nearer to the paper printing effects.

If users are not happy with the font size, it can be easily be adjusted. In addition, Kindle 2 pictures show the outcome to be more sharp and clear.

If users do not want their own reading, Kindle 2 can be enabled to see the text features, Kindle 2 will automatically identify an individual to open the written text, after which converted to voice, and recite these characters for the person.

They can select male or female voice and adjust the velocity readings.

Flip improve speed and add comments Compared with first generation, Kindle 2 of flip speed improve by about 20%.

Kindle 2 provided the usage of full-size QWERTY keyboard whereby users can view the content for their own add comments.

Such experience using the user to look at paper if the page is pretty similar to blank space to provide comments.

The only difference is that the person may edit their written notes anytime they want.

5 Personal Document Management

Kindle 2 specifically provided users with personal document storage space. This is for them to manage private e-mail, Word documents and PDF files and so forth.

Other than that, the document management also supports JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP picture formats.

6. Built-In Dictionary

Kindle 2 built the New Oxford American Dictionary, the Dictionary of legal terms amounted to 250,000.

If the person faced difficulties reading words, he simply need to mouse over the words above.

Kindle 2 can reveal translation of words and phrases.

If the person using built-in dictionary is not happy, he can use a wireless connection to access Wikipedia for more specific explanations.

7. Search Function

Using Kindle 2, users can order online services linked to search content, and even might be carried out other Internet search like site visits etc.

8. Mass Downloadable Content

Kindle Store currently online service will be able to deliver over 230,000 e-books to download along with other downloadable content. Also comes with newspapers, magazines and blog.